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Using the mysteries of science, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ... the best part is you don't have to understand anything about quantum physics for it to work for you!

Are you looking through self help books to assist you in making changes in your life? Do you want to get a better job, a house, more money, somebody to love, or have some other self improvement goal? 
AQuantum Life is a self help program. The book provides an easy path for understanding quantum physics – sometimes called quantum mechanics - and it works with your own subconscious mind. A Quantum Life shows you the connection between quantum theory and reality, between quantum physics and spirituality. If you saw The Secret and use the Law of Attraction you will love this book - it's an inspirational book that is also motivational.
A Quantum Life is a self help tool that shows you how you got what you have in your life today and how to change it so that your life is what you want it to be.
How To Meditate
A Quantum Life shows you how to meditate and includes real-life examples and exercises. It explains the use of meditation, visualization, affirmations and manifesting - so you can achieve your goals and realize your dreams.  The book connects quantum theory and reality with the way you use your own subconscious mind. The information is presented in an easy-to-read process that supports self help and goes way beyond positive thinking and the Secret Law of Attraction! You'll get to the heart of why you don't have what you want right now, and you'll see why your personal patterns seem to repeat themselves.


Natalie Reid, Ph.D., author of A Quantum Life, has studied psychology, meditation, and the mind-body connection since 1971. She works as both a Psychic Reader and a Life Coach and is available for phone and Skype consultation. 

For questions or to schedule a private consultation with Natalie, please send email to aquantumlife@outlook.com




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